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Additional jackpots in SL Casino Riga

SL Casino Riga is an exclusive casino in Latvia that offers an honest game with additional privileges. The institution belongs to the Shangri La network, run by Storm International (Michael Boettcher is the founder). And like all units of the holding company, it has its own unique features.

The peculiarity of the Latvian Shangri La is additional jackpots which absolutely every active player may get. To participate in the draw, a guest does not need to pay additional fees or buy special tickets. The organizers offer a special incentive system for slot and table players.

What is this extra jackpot? These are the prize amounts that are played once a week, once a month and once a quarter on specified days. The sizes of prizes are very attractive; they range from several hundred to several tens of thousands of euros. Each player who made bets on tables or in slots is automatically a participant in the draw.

For the slot players there exist additional jackpots, as well as for table game enthusiasts. Drawings for them are also held on different days. Monthly drawings become a real holiday. The amounts of the prizes is ever increasing. It is most interesting to become a member of the quarterly lottery. It is during this time that the most impressive additional prizes are given out.
The main advantage of lotteries with additional jackpots is that they always have several prizes. That is, the bonus is distributed among 3, 5 or even 10 players. This means that there are always a lot of winners in SL Casino Riga.

Storm International was founded in 1992 by Michael Boettcher. Shangri La in Moscow became the first casino of the network. This unit successfully worked until the ban of gambling houses in the Russian capital in 2009. After that, Shangri La units were opened in Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, and Latvia. SL Casino Riga was opened as the last of all units in 2017. For many years, Darren Keane was Storm International Executive Director, responsible for the development of the company in different countries.

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