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Shangri La Network in the CIS: four casinos with VIP service

Shangri La is a casino network known in the CIS and Eastern Europe since 1992. The brand is managed by the company of Michael Boettcher, Storm International. The network is constantly developing and changing, improving the principles of its work. At the moment, it includes 4 units: Shangri La in Tbilisi, Minsk, Yerevan and SL Casino in Riga.

The first casino of the brand was Shangri La Moscow - a stylish VIP casino that set the tone for the entire gambling industry in Russia. It was in it that the principles of fair play and hospitality towards visitors were formed. It also began to develop a responsible game program. The unit worked until 2009, when all casinos were moved to special zones by a decision of the government of the Russian Federation. This event gave impetus to the development of the network.

In 2009, Shangri La Minsk began work, which in fact became the receiver of the Moscow division and retained all the permanent visitors from the Russian capital. For VIP players, the same privileges and opportunities remain. Today it is the best casino in Belarus, which has been awarded the “Choice of the Year” award for 5 consecutive years.

Shangri La Casino Minsk is located in a separate building with several rooms, decorated with royal luxury and allows each guest to feel like a member of the royal family. Here are all the popular games, ranging from modern slots, ending roulette, several varieties of poker and blackjack.
Shangri La Tbilisi has been operating for 6 years. The casino is also located in an elegant building with many halls, divided thematically for different games. The unit was twice named the best in Georgia and constantly demonstrates an increase in attendance rates.

Shangri La Yerevan is located immediately outside the city, as the law prohibits the operation of casinos in the capital of Armenia. This is the most luxurious and functional institution in the country and closest to the capital, which, among other things, has its own restaurant of author's cuisine and a popular poker club. There was even a big poker tournament with a gold bracelet prize.

The youngest casino of the chain, Darren Keane, Storm International Chief Executive Officer said, it is SL Casino Riga. It was opened in 2017 in the building of the magnificent Grand Hotel Kempinski.

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